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BUYERS: Our goal: Find the home of your dreams

Buying a house is an exciting adventure ! To make the right choices and to make this transaction a success, it is necessary, however, to inquire beforehand.

 BEFORE ALL APPROACH, it is important to first go to a financial institution to determine your maximum budget for the purchase of your property.

The IMMO PROPERTIES agency can also help you determine your budget for the purchase of your property


 Calculate your maximum budget taking into account your ability to reimburse and all costs related to the purchase of a property:

 a) The deposit to buy a property

 In order to assess your seriousness, the seller will ask you to deposit a deposit of 5% to 10% on the notary’s escrow account, depending on the value of the property.

 b) The contribution

 Determine how much you can contribute because financial institutions will ask you to do so to calculate your mortgage and your ability to repay. (Loan calculator)

 c) Notary fees

 Frais de notaire

 d) The budget for any renovation work



 Ask yourself the right questions to determine your needs and better direct your research.